Staff Pick: Will Joseph Cook


An Album Picture for the new song "The Dragon" on Will Joseph Cooks Instagram

Yasmeen Ammourah, Writer/Editor

Music variety has changed over the course of time and has expanded to multiple genres such as rap, rock, hip-hop/R&B, and pop. In these genres, indie has had a rising growth from teenagers listening to the soft class of music constantly because of how calming it makes the youth feel. In my personal experience, I have found to love the singer/songwriter Will Joseph Cook as he speaks to me through his music.

Will Joseph Cook is an indie music artist based in London, UK. The small music artist began his career with his first EP, “You Jump, I run” when he was 17 but started recording music when he was 14-15 years old with his friends. He labels his music as more of Alt-pop than Indie because of how different the genre has become over the years of it being produced. His new album is still the process after releasing two new songs this year and began to expand his music to songs about saving the Earth, friendship, relationships, etc.

While writing and creating music, he does multiple things for the fans he loves as well as have fun for himself. For example, runs a Podcast called Bad Hotel which is mainly a talk show about everything from music to world problems to their personal experiences.

Over the summer, when I found Cook, I never felt so happy to find an artist who truly wrote his songs for himself and not for the appeal of anyone else. During the time period, I began to find myself very impacted by the way he spoke to me in his writing and how he wasn’t just a cliche writer in which most people loved. In the course of the summer, he released two Singles recently called “The Dragon” and “Hey Brother” which I definitely recommend is worth the listen.