Ring the Bell


The bell schedule doesn’t quite fit the needs of the students of Westside High School. The block schedules of Westside implement guidance classes to aid in student help. However, this class is twice a week which is a very limited time that aids in student navigation. The bell schedule needs to change to add guidance every day in order to give students a specific time to gain assistance in classes they may struggle in.

The block schedule at Westside allows students to spend more time in classes throughout the week than they would if we had a regular 1-7 schedule every day. The problem with this is schedule is that some class periods are longer than others. By providing a new bell schedule that implements a guidance period every day, we can ensure that every class period has a fair advantage to the time that is spent on that specific class period.

By creating a new guidance period into our everyday bell schedule, students are able to gain extra help in certain areas they struggle with. Many students aren’t able to attend certain tutorial times that a teacher may offer. If they are in that guidance class, they can receive extra help more than twice a week. Another way the change could impact the students is by giving them a time every day to work on homework. many students do not have time outside of class or even access to homework and projects. The added change allows students to gain time that is a necessity in order to complete assignments.

If the bell schedule was changed in order to meet the needs of all Westside high school students, there are possibilities test scores and homework grades may rise. The extra help can allow students to not only understand the criteria of a difficult and time-consuming course but also master the subject. We need change to see a difference in the future of Westside.