High school isn’t for everyone


Sonaiya Grant, Writer

I believe that high school itself is a word most, people know but has many different definitions. The place itself is supposed to be where you find yourself or find the people you hang around “your crowd” if you will but what happens for the people who don’t have to find their crowd or don’t have the “High school musical” experience.

Real-World Learning

I believe that high schools don’t teach students enough about learning. Unless you go to a career school or in college classes any way you look at it you’re sheltered. Sheltered from the real world, the responsibilities, the workload, the bills, everything. The things you learn in school are how to take a test and not how to be a better person or how to pay bills. This is why most kids either become depressed, overworked or when they finally do get out they’re just so overwhelmed with the feeling of being an adult that nothing else matters which often causes them to spend the little money they have or take a gap year and never go back to school. I feel that we need to rewrite the idea of high school and make it into a real-world Highschool musical experience.