What It Takes To Prepare For a Volleyball Game


Mia Vigil

Aya Safie, Writer/Editor

The Westside Wolves Volleyball Team lost their last game but do not worry they will come back harder and stronger! The game took place at Delmar against Bellaire High School, one of our biggest opponents , they put up a good fight and did not give up throughout the game! So, what exactly does it take to prepare for a volleyball game and win it? Westside Senior, Alicia Coppedge, who is part of the Volleyball team says, “Preparing for a Volleyball game is actually not that easy. We attend multiple practices during school and after school, we put our blood, sweat, and tears.” From this, it can make us wonder what the life of a Westside volleyball player is like.

Coaches at Westside High School provide and advise a routine for their players that prepares them to be in the best shape and health they can be in order to put on their best performance during the games. For instance, warm ups such as stretching, ball handling, and peppering. It’s very important to prepare for games no matter whose their opponent, going into the game with a positive mindset sets a good attitude for the game. They work together as a team in order to help each other get better and ensure a win.

Make sure to come and support our Lady Wolves Volleyball Team on October 22nd at Delmar Stadium against Chavez High School at 5 pm! Witness what really goes into the game, the hype is real! You can see the dedication and hard work they put in at the game!You will not regret watching them play! GO WOLVES!