The New Way Of Learning

Sonaiya Grant, Writer


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Do students care about learning ?  Do teachers care about teaching this year?  Many students have been feeling in the past few years that technology is both a blessing and a curse they express that some teachers have become lazy since schools have switched teaching to more online based ;so I asked some students/teachers how they feel about the subject.

    Do you care more about grades than learning and why? (11-12th)

I asked some upperclassmen about their opinion on this question and these were their answers. “I care about both because if I get good grades that mean I’m learning but I also feel that teachers depend too much on online teaching” – Britney Ventura (11th). But another upperclassman stated her opinion on the question “I care more about grades because grades are the most important, passing affects me more than learning but when I do try to learn I feel some teachers use online teaching too much to where you just have to complete the assignment even if you don’t understand”.-Estefania Hernandez(12th). While similar in age they both have different stances on if grades are more important than learning.

    When you come to school what makes you want to learn or do you want to learn at all? (9th and 11th).      

                                                                              Even though different age group their answers are very similar, ” I come to school to better my understanding of the work I do and to better my life skills.”- Britney Ventura (11th). While Melanie Arceda (9th) said: “I come to school to make my family proud even if I do dislike some classes”.  It seems like even if the administration doesn’t think so many of the westside wolves are ready to learn or are passionate about it.

 What do you think motives high school kids to learn? (teachers)

I got quotes from multiple teaching staff but decided to pick ms. Roberts, since she knows Westside High school the best,this is what she had to say, “The student body is motivated really by the good effects of grades but if we are talking about an individual student they are motivated about what interest them.

What I have learned overall

Must of the student body cares about learning but has different reasons for caring may it be family, or wanting to have a better future we all want to learn. I feel that I have also learned that teaching has lost its touch and have many teachers have become lazy since technology has come more effective. I believe that it needs a healthy balance between the 2 and maybe students will like to learn more.