Are we really supporting a musician accused of sexual assault?

Debanhy Jasso, Author

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I think that Kodak black like many other artists are till being supported because they’re musicians. Many people oversee the fact that this artist has made a huge mistake. Are we really going to allow him to sexualize women? Kodak Black is one of many people that have had concerts in Houston just like Chris Brown, Jay Z and Rich the Kid he has been accused of a major crime. Kodak black is accused of shoving a women onto the floor of a hotel room pulling down her underwear and penetrating her. Houston is a great place to have a concert we have  so much musical diversity as well as diversity in people. I love that live somewhere where we can influence each other in different ways and forms.  The point of me writing this story is to ask, Why are we supporting people who are accused of sexual assault?

Kodak black is still supported just like 2pac was. I love 2pac just as much as i love my mother hes aways been an inspiration to millions of people and for him to be accused of something just like kodak is sad. We still show our endless support to any artist who we find good enough. Its difficult to stop liking someone who you’ve shown endless support to being a fan for so long then stopping isnt easy.

Lil Tracy is another example just yesterday April 25, 2019 he was accused of raping a girl. I asked christian Barrera who is a big fan of Lil Tracy what he thought about the situation. He said that if the accusations of sexual assault are true then he will stop listening to him and delete all the posts of him.

Houston we should not listen to someone whos accused of sexual assault kodak might be good but that doesnt mean we’ll support him.

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