Travis Scott: “Second Leg”/”Reverse” Astroworld Tour


Astroworld Second Leg Tour

With the success of his tour and album “Astroworld”, Travis Scott announced on December 17, 2018 that he would partake in a “Second Leg” or “Reverse” Tour as he will revisit the cities he performed in and put on another show. The success and noise his original tour had made it inevitable for Scott to decide to run it back and do the tour once more.

From the perspective of a Houstonian, this second tour will be a new experience as during Scott’s first tour, he hosted a festival rather than an indoor concert as he did for the other cities. With Houston being Scott’s hometown, the festival was to distinguish and isolate the city of Houston with an exclusive and adventurous opportunity to see him and many other big artists perform. In regards to the second tour, Scott will perform an indoor concert at the Toyota Center. It is unannounced if Scott will bring other artists out to perform at the Toyota Center but what is certain is that he will put on a show that Houstonians will never forget.

The cities Scott will be performing at for his “Second Leg”/”Reverse” Tour include (in order): Vancouver (01/25), Portland (01/27) , Tacoma (01/29), San Diego (02/04), Las Vegas (02/06), Los Angeles (02/08), Tulsa (02/11), Houston (02/13), Kansas City (02/17), St. Louis (02/18), Indianapolis (02/20), Chicago (02/21), Milwaukee (02/22), Columbus (02/24), State College (02/26), Buffalo (02/28), New York (03/02), Brooklyn (03/03), Montreal (03/05), Toronto (03/07), Hartford (03/09), DC (03/12), Jacksonville (03/14), Orlando (03/15), Tampa (03/17), Nashville (03/20), Atlanta (03/22), and Charlotte (03/24).

The songs that are intended to be performed are: Stargazing, Carousel, Butterfly Effect, No Bystanders, Don’t Play, Sky Fall, Through The Late Night, Upper Echelon, Drugs You Should Try It, Mile High, 90210, Skeletons, Astrothunder, R.I.P. Screw, Houstonfornication, Stop Trying To Be God, NC-17, Zeze, Beibs In The Trap, Yosemite, Can’t Say, Antidote, Goosebumps, and Sicko Mode.