Westside Theatre King Stag performance

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On January 17, 18, and 19 west side T-Pro will be putting on the comedic production of King Stag in the mini theater at 7 pm on each of the dates. King Stag is a hysterical show full of fun, over the top characters, that are larger than life.  King Stag is commedia dell arte which is an improvised comedy form popular in Italy during the 16th-18th century. Don’t let the age of the show deter you, as the play is timeless! Please join T-Pro next week in enjoying the loud, rambunctious, joyful production of the King Stag!

Cast List:

Cigolotti: Olivia Nixon

Parrot/Durandarte: Jordan Williams

King Deramo- Erick Morales

Tartaglia- Luke Stodghill

Clarissa- Chloe Garfias

Angela- Lauren Willet

Pantaloon- Evie Ellis

Leander- Spencer Arevalo

Smeraldina- Bailee Jackson

Truffaldino- Hannah Jun

Brighella- Tim Bochkarev

Guards/Huntsman- Kya Carpenter and Alexandrew Askew

Deer- Erin Valdes, Kylie Atkinson, Emma Guzi

Peasants one and two- Alexandra Goode

Musician- Kylie Atkinson

Bust/Bear- Mia Carrasco