Senior Farewell For the Swimmers


(Left to Right) Coach Sutherland, Evan Fowler-Cook, Sam Buley, Frank Gibbons, Eva Maxcy, Daniella George-Gracia, Hector Bayaborda, Talgat Timulry, Ryeen Farangi, Coach Sikkema

Eva Maxcy, Writer

The time has come! It is now the beginning of the second semester and for our seniors it’s a big deal. These swimmers have worked tirelessly all season and now it’s time for the seniors to relax, let go, and have some fun before the final meet of the season.

On Thursday after school a Farewell ceremony was held to honor these seniors. We had a good amount of senior boys this year, however for our girls we only had two this season. Each Senior has dedicated a great amount of leadership to our underclassmen. But a big recognition goes to the Captains who have led the pack tremendously well:  The boys captains are Evan Fowler-Cook, Sam Buely, Ryeen Farangi, and Frank Gibbons. The girl captains are Eva Maxcy and Daniella George-Gracia. These handful of seniors have lent a big help to the team and there coach, Coach Alex Sikkema.

Diving took a big splash with two Westside girls competing against memorials several divers. Senior Daniella is one of the only two divers for Westside so SHOUT OUT….next season come on over and dive for your high school team!

Girl captains Eva and Daniella

After diving came to a close, the main event of the night came under way. Swimming! Thursday nights swim meet was not a ‘normal’ meet for high school swimming. Events were shortened and many seniors were allowed to do out of the ordinary things for

Seniors pose for the camera after being recognized

there events. Some senior swimmers chose to do 100 IM in reverse order. This means instead of swimming Butterfly, Back, Brest to Free these swimmers did it in the opposite order. The most popular event was the boys 200 freestyle relay because SURPRISE!! our seniors made a decision to do a COED relay alternating boy girl, these seniors even managed to beat a boys memorial relay!

All of this fun has really pumped up our swim team and given good memories for our seniors. Be sure to come out and support our Westside Wolves swimmers at there Varsity District meet on January 25th at Lamar!