Break the Chain: Restaurant Review

Sylvia's salsa and chips.

Blake Gomez

Sylvia’s salsa and chips.

Blake Gomez, Staff Writer






Today I had the chance to go to Sylvia’s, a Mexican Enchilada Kitchen located here in Houston, TX on Eldridge. The restaurant was quite empty when I entered, probably because it was early in the day. Business is normally booming during the night at restaurants. Therefore I cannot fault Sylvia’s for this since this is something understandable.

The food is obviously the main focus and let me tell you it does NOT disappoint. The appetizer was a Mexican classic, nacho chips and salsa dip. It was delicious and served its purpose well. I also tried a dish called Ceviche. It was a mixture of many different vegetables that was piled on top of a large nacho chip. The waiter told me that it was best to eat it with hot sauce to give it that special kick. I was a bit skeptical at first since I am not a fan of spices but it was actually amazing!  Taking a bite out of the Ceviche and nacho chip with the spice sauce drizzled on top was a true taste to behold. 

The biggest highlight for me eating at Sylvia’s however was the Donna, an enchilada that is apparently the most popular dish in Sylvia’s. The inside of it was filled with ground-beef and coating the top of it was chili sauce and melted cheese. It was easily one of the best restaurant dishes that I have eaten in quite some time. Every bite was a blast of flavor hitting my mouth. Truly spectacular. The total came to be $27.40 which I felt was definitely worth the price given the outstanding meal I had.

Overall from what I’ve eaten at Sylvia’s so far it was magnificent. The dishes that I’ve had were some of the best Mexican cuisine out there. If you love Mexican food then this is surely a place for you to dine at. Even if you aren’t a fan of Mexican food I still recommend you give it a try because I feel you will be missing out on something good, REALLY good in fact. I know for sure that I will be eating here again at some point in the future and highly recommend everyone to do the same. 9/10

**Sylvia’s has 3 locations in Houston.  And is expanding statewide. We are proud to have this local favorite open our Break the Chain series.