Blood Drive!

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Blood Drive!

Eva Maxcy, Writer

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On Wednesday November 14th, I rolled out of bed and found myself downstairs fixing a HUGE breakfast. I needed all the nutrition I could get because it was Blood Donation day!

Arriving at school there was a lot of talk about who was participating in blood drive. Me and my sister made sure we would be going during the same period. We wanted to do it together! We chose to wait until 5th period because  that was the last class of the day.

Finally returning from lunch, I said my goodbyes to my sister knowing that i would see her in just a short while! It was 5th period before I knew and I was ready!

I was called out of class and escorted to the gym where I turned in my permission slip. Everyone has to fill out a form of questions, some questions refer to going out of the country or tattoos/piercing but some of these questions can get a little personal. Giving blood is very serious and they are very cautious. It only helps if they get healthy blood so it is good to cancel out any risk of well…. tainted blood. It may sound harsh but its in there best interest. At a blood drive they are also very interested in your health. Some people cannot give blood due to medical conditions that cause them to faint or have other issues. They strongly try to avoid this! They are trying to save lives, not hurt others!

Obviously, giving blood is a very serious and never taken lightly. You are always given the best care. I know this because once i completed and turned in my form, I made my way to the check-up station. This is where they evaluate your weight, Blood pressure, and iron levels. This helps to make sure you are stable and healthy enough to give at that very moment.

“Students Emma and Nadia are showing off there blood drive experience!”

After passing through the check-up station you are given your BLOOD BAG!! Yay! I was then directed to grab a bottle of water and a stress ball. Once retrieving these items I made my way to a bed. Here I was greeted by my Nurse Brenda. She took good care of me, always informing me before doing anything. The Nurse began to disinfect my arm, I started to get a little nervous. Fortunately another Nurse, David a.k.a Ralph came over and started to joke around. You could here Ralph going around to all the beds asking, “how’s the blood flowing over here!?!?” He had everyone laughing all the time. He really made the experience that much better.

Anyways, after the Nurse Brenda disinfected my arm she stuck the needle in. I wouldn’t say it hurt but it was definitely uncomfortable. My Nurse checked in every few minutes to see how i was doing. It took about 10 minutes for my blood bag to fill up. Finally! A pint of my blood is gone.

I was instructed by my Nurse to hold put pressure on where the needle went in while holding my arm up in the air. This was weird, its like i could feel the blood flowing down my arm and my hand begun to feel very numb. After this my Nurse wrapped my arm up. I had to lay in my bed for another 10 minutes and drink a whole bottle of water before i got up.

“After donating!! (Emma, Eva, Nadia, Glory and Anthony)”

10 minutes had passed so i got up and headed over to my sister. Her experience was just as successful as mine. We both went to go grab a snack and some juice. While eating and drinking we got to spend time with some fellow students who were also there giving blood. We all agreed that Ralph was hilarious!

Leaving I was able to sign my name up for record in hopes of getting a graduation cord, however i have to donate again next semester to get it. Can’t wait! I also got a chick-fil-a card and was then escorted back to class.

Donating blood is an amazing experience, you get to enjoy that time knowing that you are saving lives. For every pint of blood donated, THREE lives are saved! That is wonderful. If you are able to please go out and donate, it really changes lives!

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