LEGOs aren’t just for kids!


A LEGO version of the London Bridge.

Jeffrey Schroeder, a well-known geometry and AP statistics teacher at Westside High School, has always demonstrated a passion for LEGOs. On October 17th, 2018, a well-known YouTube account, Beyond the Brick, posted a video of Schroeder’s LEGO classic space monorail display at Brick Fiesta 2018. With this video already being viewed by nearly 20,000 people, it has been seen by thousands of people and has shown that LEGOs continue to challenge and be enjoyed by all!

In this video published on this account, Schroeder talks about each specific piece in his LEGO creation and the background behind each part. He also begins the video explaining how his passion for LEGOs started when he was young, saying, “When I was a kid I had LEGO in the 1987’s, and so I just kept playing with it and stuff like that and then I lost all my LEGOs when I was a kid and then I got out of my dark ages and I came back into it when I got a big job.” It is evident that this passion that arose throughout his childhood continues to be prevalent to this day.

We hope to continue seeing Jeffrey Schroeder, and other adults, building and succeeding with LEGOs. Congratulations to Jeffrey Schroeder; we can’t wait to see what you do next!