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Smart Living

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In modern society, homeowners have been embracing smart technology in their house. When it comes to camera doorbells, smartphone connected air-conditioning, and wifi integrated light bulbs, people question whether the technology is really beneficial or safer. Thinking of the future, people would imagine self-driving cars or something crazy, but living in the present we have gadgets that are supposed to make life easier, and even though some do help complete the task, some technology is just better than others. Smart powered homes look like the future with things people wouldn’t imagine exist. It’s only a matter of time until it’s “standard” in every American home.

Video doorbells are a relatively new category in the smart home space, remotely related to a standard home security camera, it becomes a two in one. With a video doorbell, guests can ring the buzzer just like normal, but homeowners get a push alert on their phone and a live video that shows whoever’s there. In some cases, the technological system works with smart locks so you can let the person in without physically opening the door yourself.

As entering a house, you would first encounter the living room. However, in high-tech living rooms, there are about thirty-nine million Americans now have a smart speaker in their homes. I, myself am a part of the thirty-nine million people who have a smart speaker in their living room. Where I may have an amazon echo, others might have a google home. Being beneficial you can ask the device almost anything, however, there are negative details that customers have spoken out about. With these devices, you rely on wake words like “Alexa!” or “Hey Google.” Lately, people have been thinking that the devices are listening in to bits of your private conversations. Recently, it has been brought up that Alexa devices have tuned in, frequently, several times a day, for no obvious reason. You can scroll through months’ worth of conversations somewhere in the app. As a customer of an Alexa, I will definitely be muting the microphone from now on. Besides these smart speakers, many people have smart TV’s in their house. The main benefit is that it gives people access to a large number of channels without the need to connect a TV antenna or subscribe to a cable or satellite service. Additional to that, some smart TVs provide web browsing, gaming, and access to compatible media content stored on computers.


Student, Hope Hodge and her Family Hub Refrigerator!

I believe that the most bizarre technology that has been invented for homes would be Samsung’s Family Hub Smart Fridge. Releasing the product to the world, Samsung surprised customers with the large 21.5-inch touchscreen embedded into the refrigerator. Revolutionizing the kitchen, the giant tablet stuck on the refrigerator contains 36 apps including Spotify, Uber, and Fridge Manager, allowing you to control the temperature of the refrigerator, among other things. However, unlike on your smartphone or tablet, there’s no way to delete apps you don’t want or to download additional apps from an app store. Besides all of that, the main benefit is that there are three cameras mounted inside the fridge, providing a panoramic view of the top three shelves. This is helpful because if you’re at the grocery store wondering whether or not you’re out of milk, you can check the video feed from the Family Hub app on your phone. However, if you aren’t a technological person, Samsung provides customers with their “Elite Service.” A one-time, complimentary in-home tutorial where an expert sets up and shows you how to use your new appliance.


Image result for nest thermostat

Furthermore, engineers have created a thermostat that connects to your phone and can be controlled from anywhere. Nest is a popular brand that many homeowners have because it maximizes the efficiency of their temperature control systems. The nice part of having this advanced technology is that the thermostat learns the rhythms of your home, it learns your schedule to reduce energy use while you’re out, and have it changed to your preferred temperature for as soon you arrive home. Also, while at work, school, vacation, etc; the Nest Thermostat will keep a constant eye on your energy usage so you don’t have to. This would be very beneficial for homeowners who are gone a lot.

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