Staff Pick: The House with Clocks in its Walls

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Euriah McQueen, Editor

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The House with the Clocks in the wall is based on the novel by John Bellairs. The story is set in 1955 when a teenager Lewis Barnvelts parent are killed in a car accident and he is sent to live with his Uncle Johnathan. Soon after Lewis arrives to his uncles, he learns about his haunted/magical mansion. Lewis discovers by exploring the magical house that his Uncle Johnathan and his best friend/neighbor Mrs. Florence Zimmerman are warlocks. A warlock is someone is that studies magic and learns to control magical spells. Uncle Johnathan ends up teaching Lewis all about the magical spells and tricks until Lewis breaks the one and only house rule which leads to really big events. I promise I wont spoil the story.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of Jack Black or a fan of magical comedy, you should definitely go see this movie. Its a great way to start of you October just has Halloween is around the corner.

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