Westside’s College Application Help


Minnah Zaheer, Editor

**Even though the Financial Aid meeting has already happened, the services available to you in the Westside College Center are ongoing.  And you really don’t need to wait until your senior year to begin exploring what is out there for you and your college bound goals.

Seniors, are you ready to take the next steps towards higher education?

Many seniors have already received their college acceptance letters, some are still waiting, and some are still fighting through the application process. Hopefully, everybody has begun planning and preparing for whatever comes next.  Whether you are college bound or not, graduation is coming.  And it is coming fast.  Are you ready?

To learn more about the college application process, you can attend Westside’s College Center’s various different events dedicated to helping you out. One of their ongoing events, Snacks and Apps, is held every late-start Thursday, an hour before the school day starts. Breakfast will be provided, and so will assistance with college applications. You can also attend Financial Aid Informational Night, which will be specific to financial aid policies, here on campus on December 3rd at 6:30 PM, in room S100. A big step in the planning process is securing loans, grants and scholarships for your college education.  There are so many options available to you:  FAFSA, TASFA, Wavier Programs, Work Study, and more. This session, open to Senior students and parents/guardians, will give you valuable information regarding the completion of the college financial aid application.

For more information, see Mrs. Turner in the College Room.

Financial Aid Info Night