Final Schedule

This year’s midterm schedule brings on unanticipated changes


Minnah Zaheer, Editor

This year’s final schedule is different from what most Westside students are used to. Usually, we have our first and second period finals on Tuesday, third and fourth on Wednesday, fifth and sixth on Thursday, and seventh on Friday. For this round of midterms, however, there’s a new schedule.

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Speculation as to why the schedules have changed is centered around seniors with off-campus 7th period. Students with this privilege can leave school earlier than anyone else, and in past years students wouldn’t even come to school on the final day of class, when other students were taking their 7th period finals. This is a problem for our school as a whole as well as HISD: Westside gets more funding when more students are present every day, even when they don’t have a reason to do so, and our attendance also helps HISD’s public image.

Despite this, students still have mixed opinions of the new schedule. “I think it’s extremely confusing and I don’t like it,” sophomore Madison Kerley said. “I think they should stick with the way they’ve been doing it.” Seniors with 7th periods off are particularly upset and feel like the schedule is targeting them.

Whether or not you approve of the new schedule, it’s apparently here to stay. Finals are also creeping up on us, so start studying as soon as you can!