Engineering Field Trip: Turkey Creek Water Treatment Plant


Sosina Feleke, Writer

On February 28th Mr. Sikkema and Mrs.Schlaudt took 26 of there students, who were mostly freshman’s to the wastewater treatment. They went there to see the equipment needed to clean our wastewater and followed the process from beginning to end.

The students wanted to see the the process of converting sewer waste to clean water. There tour guide Mr. Dean and three plant operators accompanied the group. Most of the wastewater came from the sink, garbage disposal, showers and toilet water. Water travels underground to a pup and travels to a tank where the wastewater is stored. The first step is that water goes through a screening where the trash is removed from the water. Then the water is placed in an alternative tank where oxygen is forced in for the bacteria to enter the tank. After that the water is tested, and the bacteria level is needed to be less than 20 percent. The bacteria is needed to help  eat the organic material. The fourth step was to settle the tank. In this step water is turned in opposite directions in order to separate the solids from the almost clean water. Last but not least bleach is added in the water. Sodium hydroxide, Na OH is needed to kill the bacteria that’s left over, this step takes about 30 minutes. Lastly the green, clear water is released into the Buffalo Bayou.