No More Wearing Jeans Everyday in 2018


Prynciss Taylor, Writer

No more Wearing Jeans Everyday

Say goodbye to wearing jeans every day and say hello to only on Fridays. When students at Westside High School return after Christmas break a drastic change will occur. It will be the 2nd semester of the 2017-2018 year and jeans will no longer be an everyday option for the students. Westside will no longer consider jeans apart of the uniform, but as a special privilege for students to only wear on Fridays.


Junior, Shavonne Bell had this to say about the change, “what’s the point of carrying out something for so long and then taking it away when everyone is already accustomed to it?” Students at Westside are quite disappointed about not being able to wear jeans everyday anymore. Most students found wearing jeans more comfortable and appealing then wearing khakis or black pants every day. Imagine if it was you, a student who was wearing jeans every day for the entire first semester and then having to go back to the original uniform, would it bother you?


Junior, Shanise Walker also had something to say, “Wearing jeans everyday should be added to the uniform, because  it makes us feel good; we’re able to express ourselves better, we’re not asking for no uniforms at all.” It’s very understandable that students will feel that wearing jeans is more stylish and creative then the original uniform bottoms. But as students look around the building at other students, some are wearing jeans; but then again some are wearing khakis. This shows how it shouldn’t be a major problem when the original uniform comes back into action. Walker also added, “if we really have to get rid of wearing jeans everyday, students should just follow the rules.”