The Domination of Subliminal Advertising

Senior Detola Ahmed is shocked to find that subliminal messaging runs rampant.

Popular corporations are out to get consumers in a way that they aren’t even aware of: through subliminal advertising. Those pesky jingles, abrasive fonts, celebrity-endorsements, and brash colors seem to be everywhere. For the most part, ads are the principal source of income for websites, newspapers, social media pages, television channels; the list goes on and on. Underneath those eye-catching advertisements, however, lie messages that align with a consumer’s subconscious. These messages, unbeknownst to the conscious, often show themselves as hidden images and flashing words; ones that would be seen only by the subconscious.

“I can’t believe corporations would do such a thing. It is so odd and a bit creepy how we are fooled so easily by hidden or flashing images and words; and what’s worse is that it seems to work! I would like to know what kind of corporations do this so next time I see their ad I’ll ignore it.” Said Detola Ahmed, senior.

Even the most trusted of establishments have partook in this unjustified method of money-making.  For instance, the logo of the popular chip company Tostitos depicts two people eating a chip and dipping it in a bowl of salsa; the illustration is discreet and wouldn’t be obvious to most without somebody pointing it out, this illustration coerces the subconscious to crave their food products. Similarly, in a commercial for the well-known fast food chain KFC, an image of a dollar bill flashed in the lettuce of a $1.00 sandwich to blend in. This reinforces the idea that the sandwich is inexpensive; hence, the reason why there is only one sole dollar within the lettuce. Subliminal advertising is depicted in a copious number of ads, some slier than others.

“I knew there must have been a reason advertisements worked so well, no matter how bad they are.  Advertisements, for me, are very irritating and it confused me how they made so much money; subliminal advertising helped me to understand.” Said Bryn McCardle, senior.

Subliminal advertising, through seemingly immoral, is a business tactic that appears to create miracles. Humans have very little control over their subconscious, so having a message drilled into it would inevitably work. Though off-putting, subliminal advertising will undoubtedly stick around for as long as corporations need consumers to make profit.