Should you believe the news you find on social media?


Every now and then we have that one friend who will text you that news article that they found on twitter about school being cancelled the next day and you seem to believe it as you read through it, but should you really be believing it? Social media is one of the top places that a lot of teenagers get their news stories from. A lot of the news articles include crazy headlines that intrigue you and makes you want to read them. As you read through them, while some of them seem like you should believe them, others just sound sketchy starting with the first sentence. According to Westside High School student, Jose Iraheta, he said, “sometimes as I scroll through Twitter I see these news articles and I kind of just disregard them because I don’t really know how to tell if they are real or fake.” Which leads us to wonder, how do we figure out if something is actually real news versus fake news?

A lot of times, the news articles that are on Facebook and Twitter usually come from sketchy looking websites that nobody has really ever heard of before. In a rare case, there are also commonly known “news” websites. Also, a lot of the news that you find on these websites include only half truths of an actual news story. Meaning that the story is based on a truth but built with lies or opinions. So when you are looking online for the answer to your question about a current even, check your sources to see if they are credible.