School Spirit?

Does Westside Have School Spirit?



Most students don’t like going to school, not because school is necessarily boring but that its a routine. Routines are not enjoyed by all, we wake up, go to school, then we go home. There’s nothing interesting about the schedule, we have classes at the same time and lunch at the same time everyday. Unless something happens to throw off the schedule we pretty much do the same thing. Walter Zelaya , a junior here at Westside High School , stated,” School will be more fun if there was less people that actually attended the school.” Do students like not being around other students?  Honestly,  I don’t think that’s the case. But it does effect the overall enthusiasm and school spirit.  Doesn’t it?   I mean if you dislike the fact there’s school, how can you have school spirit?

Which makes me question what could we do to make school more fun ? There’s pep rallies on Friday’s so students could come together and support our Westside sports teams, and to get the mood, ready to beat our opponents. The purpose of the pep rally is to encourage school spirit aimed at inspiring enthusiasm, especially one held before a sporting event. Ariana Villarreal stated that” School would be engaging and fun and if the staff and administration actually took student opinions into account when picking the theme and music  for the pep rallies and other school activities.” In order for students to actually participate in school, other than academics and to look forward to coming to school. Gayla Powell “I don’t have school spirit because they only let a small amount of students into the gym  and its really crowded.” Most students want and are able to have school spirit, but it’s hard to when your opinions aren’t heard and are not considered.