Red Cross in Action


The America Red Cross provides compassionate care to those in need and thats what brought the Red Cross club together. Red Cross can be seen in action right here at Westside High School as students come together and spread wellness throughout the campus and the community. The club meets every Tuesday and Wednesday at 3:30 pm in E117 run by Ms. C.Biswell.

This year, the Red Cross club is planning to expand its volunteering activities that match the American Red Cross in order to sufficiently portray what it means to take care of one another. After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Tx, the Red Cross Club is finding ways to donate to our own wolves and the community around the school. The donations will come from found raising but the start date is yet to be announced.

The Red Cross Club isn’t just planning on only being active when disasters hit, they will be planning to volunteer at local hospitals or even small clinics to help and see what its like to save someones life.

First Aid supplies provided by the Nurses at Westside High school


Even though the Red Cross wolves can only do so much, they still manage to spread wellness by providing as much care as possible and also providing useful knowledge that can help another persons life and that is what wellness is all about. Being able to help each other and keep one self safe from internal and external damage.