Texans face a rough season


Bailee Jackson

Field goal on the Westside football field

The Houston Texans game against the Kansas City Chiefs ended with the devastating injury to JJ Watt’s left knee.  JJ Watt is the beloved poster child of Houston Texas, so when he fractured his knee all of Houston wept with him. We are all hoping for a speedy recovery, but when he will return is still ‘to be determined’. The average rate of recovery for a injury this severe is 6-9 months, but it is uncertain if he will ever be the same defensive end that he was before. “It’s a serious injury since it effects his cartilage. It will cause a longer recovery time.” says Theresa Ripeger, an Athletic Trainer.

What does this mean for the Texans? Some think the season is already over for the Texans since they lost their linebacker, Whitney Mercilus, who is off for the season due to a chest injury. As well as Deshaun Watson, the quarter back Texans fans had been praying for, and is now out due to a torn ACL.”The Texans season is most likely over. They’ve lost their essential players.” says Coach Safin, a football coach at Tanglewood.

Texans are just going to have to hold out until Watt recovers, but it may take awhile for him to recover fully. “He will eventually recover from the injury, but he will also have to make up for the loss of training,” says Coach Safin, “so who knows how long that will be.” Well Houston after the game this Sunday against Indianapolis, it seems we’ll have to wait till next year for the Texans comeback.