The Girls in Motion

What is a Color Guard and What do they do?



Color guard, sometime called flag spinning interprets the music that the marching band is playing. The color guards are the visual of the band , and they use  flags, rifles, along with dance, to enhance the music of the marching band.


Here at Westside high school , along side th


e band there’s the color guard team ready to cheer on our football team during the Friday night games. Some color guards will march and twirl an item, such as a rifle, while others may perform dances or gymnastic moves. When its not football season they participate in the winter guard competitions. Winter guard is a sport derived from Military ceremonies . Unlike traditional color guard, Winter Guard is performed indoors and is a competition between different high schools in each state. The marching band is not presenting during

the winter guard, just the amazing color guards showing their dance skills.


During practice they rehearsal  their routine they will preform during the games and learn different techniques. Casey, Biswell, a freshman biology teacher , is also the color guard director here at Westside High school . Margret Obi , a junior stated “I decided to join color guard because I wanted to be more involved in school and try something new.” Katrina P, a junior also stated” I feel nervous but empowered and excited while being on the field.”