Southern Girl City Lights

Kiara Guyton, Writer

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She has landed. The moment she came out of the plane, she already felt the shift in atmosphere. Rather than greeting people with warm Southern hospitality, people rushed through the airport in a hurry, bumping into her one after another. Feeling isolated more than ever, she quietly boarded her shuttle to her first city-destination.

At the prime of her lonesomeness, she fortunately meets two girls around her age—one from Miami, the other from Bronx. Although they were also from two big cities, she was able to relate to them in other ways. She recognized the kindness in their hearts that didn’t fit the stereotype of the inhabitants of the North. From that moment on, she wasn’t as afraid and she no longer felt so alone.

As the three girls wondered around the city, she noticed architectural shapes that she has never seen before. Buildings differed amongst the city—some looked ancient, some looked futuristic. In her small town in Texas, there were no buildings with such details. She was in constant awe as she looked up at the buildings that seemed to reach the clouds. Coming from a place of grass and sunshine, it was also odd for her to be in chilly weather. She no longer saw people dressed in oversized t-shirts and shorts; people wore coats, hats, and boots.

The Northeast has a reputation of making people cold. The tall buildings surrounded by people rushing in and out certainly justified the reputation it holds.

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