The Scenery of Teachers and students at Westside High School

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The day to day life of a student or teacher at westside is very similar to eachother. If you think about we all see the same exact thing such people, classes, the cafeteria, basically anything you might see at this school we see.

For my first photo Yasmeen who is in ninth grade is new to westide like all freshmen Yasmeen is new to this school and has no idea where to go for homeroom. She is as nervous as we are which is a common thing for everybody here since we were all freshmen once. She writes the homeroom number down and her teacher’s name nervous as she walks away trying to look for it.

For my second photo I have The picture of the E1 hall the front of it which says welcome which we are familiar with because it offers a warm cozy feeling with the bright red wall and the decorative words. Both teachers and students see this of course we all go the same way.

If you go way down the hall straight ahaead is the JROTC hall which is just right across from the dance room everyone at westide is aware of the dancers their music can be heard all the way from vendo-land along with their cheerful laughter  that gets all of us in the westside spirit. They are very         passionate on how they dance and have fun doing it as you can tell by the smiles on their faces .

If we go further back we see the gym going past VendoLand and hear Coach Parker teaching her 1st period volleyball. Just about all of us have atleast taking gym once and had to play volleyball for a good gym grade. Students of course are shy to do this like we all were or still am. However by the end of the day just realized it was just a ball and there was nothing to be afraid of.

Finally we walk out of the vendo-land area and go straight ahead then we turn into south1 where the art class. there in the middle of the hallway there is a gass case with beautifyl drawings and paintings made by talented students with skills that everybody wishes they had. These creative students are a big part of Westide Culture they bring life, creativity, and spread love with their drawings.



When it is the end of the day all students are in hurry trying to get hauling through one another with smiles and laughter if you come out of the hallway near the attendance office you will see the door that most westide students ‘s walk out of if they are walking home its the end of the day and students are ready to get home and if they pay attention they can see a beeautiful scenery of fresh green grass. and this is the everyday scenery for Westside.  

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