The way around school

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As we start out with a class we go in Mr. Smith’s algebra 1 class, which starts out in east 1, and as we enter the class we see that Mr. Smith comes out with one of his major work ethics and try to explain what his students are going to be learning.  Once you leave the classroom, you go to the commons where you can find some geometry students working on homework. As you look through you see that there are no teachers whatsoever, the reason for this is that Mr. Schroeder (the geometry teacher) has been absent for these last few days and so the students have to sit in the commons.

While they’re sitting here they work on the worksheet that Mr. Schroeder left by and once they’re done with that they can work on homework. If you go ahead you’ll figure out that the gym classes are in that hall. Once you enter the Gym you find the students learning on how to hit a volleyball properly and what they’re supposed to do.

 You go out and go to out on the WHS prairie you will find the Westside High School Tennis Team practicing for their tournaments and improving on their work.These students don’t take breaks whenever they feel like, they work from 7:00 to the end of 1st period every single day of the week. They most of the time take their time on technique and working on they’re flexibility on they’re wrists.

Once you leave the Gym you go to straight ahead and then to the left and you find the band hall. One thing about the band hall this period is that you will not find any band students of any kind, you’ll find orchestra students. As you go into that period Mrs. Vandruff (the new westside orchestra teacher) starts to look at the music makes the class play the piece then goes back in to improve on the playing the students do.

At the end of the day, this school is one of the most distinguished schools out there on their sports, their music department, and they’re academic program but at the end of the day westside is not going to be any different from any high school but it’s always good to what comes around goes around