Dealing with Junior Year Stress

Sosina Feleke, Writer

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We’ve all heard the horror stories of how stressful junior year can be , but is there any way of dealing with it? This is Terry, a junior here at Westside high school. Although school just started, shes already experiencing the unforgivable year; but what does she do to cope with all the stress? When she’s not at school, and has free time she loves to paint, and draw. Terry loves the feeling art gives her, the fact that she can get away from the real world and escape into her art work for a little while, is the highlight of her day. Vibrant, bold, and bright colors are her favorite to use because it shows off her personality. She also loves nature and the beauty of the world around her. Not only does she make art, but she also loves taking pictures with art from around the Houston area. There are many ways of dealing with stress, and something most people wouldn’t think of, like art could help you have a better, healthier life.

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