Learning the way of High School

Euriah McQueen, writer

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For some 8th graders becoming a freshman and embarking on your senior year can be scary, but in the end you will succeed and learn the life of a high school students. It the first day of school and you are just trying to find you way around school and make new friends. By the end of the end of the first week, you find a nice group of friends to join and thing are going great.

School begins to crack down on the books and the work load starts get bigger. You see that the your first test of year is coming up. So you and your friends study together. You even decide to stay up late making sure you know all of the material. You continue to tell yourself “Don’t stress, don’t stress”. Finally it the day of the test and you think you have just knocked it out of the park and got an A+, but when your teacher put the grade in the grade book you realized that you were totally wrong. Its the first test grade of the year and you begin to think that your high school career is over, your not getting into college and your GPA is ruined. Later in the day, you see your friends  and you realized that they didn’t do good on the test either so you guys just sit contemplating life and the future as a high school students.

The following week of school rolls around you decide that you and your friends are going to retake the test. So you guys have study group leading up to the retake and you all got things in the bag. A couple hours after the retake you guys find out that you made and A+ and big smiled begin to form. You and your friends realize that in high school taking a lose is okay because everyone struggles and you should just have to find what work for you. You life isn’t ruined if you make one B. Colleges will still accept you and your future is still bright in the end.

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