Food Addiction

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Sam is in love with WowBurger. She eats it so much that the workers at the restaurant know her usual. Most days she goes through the drive-through, but today is different. Her sister, Sally decided to come with her today. Sam didn’t want to take her, but Sally persuaded her to take her by buying her meal.

They walk up to the cashier at the register and couldn’t decide what to order. They wanted everything but finally decided on something. When their food was ready, Sally got up to go get it. On her way back, she trips over her shoelaces and spills the tray everywhere. Sam freaks out! She was so hungry, she falls to the floor after the food. She picks up french fries from the floor and starts to eat them. Sally starts screaming at her to get up and stop being an embarrassment.

After a worker comes to help clean up, they sit down and begin to eat. Sam was so happy that her sandwich didn’t fall on the floor. Opening the bag up, you can smell the Barbeque. Opening her mouth, she began to stuff the honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich down her throat. The sandwich was gone and Sam was still hungry.

The first meal wasn’t enough, so she went back to the register and ordered another meal to-go. When it was ready, Sam and Sally left. On their way out, Sam handed the bag to Sally because she had to go get her phone that she left in the restaurant. Sally placed the bag on the ground to get her keys, and then all of a sudden a car comes out of the middle of nowhere. It drives right over Sams bag of food. As Sam comes outside, she sees her food getting smashed by the tire. Screaming at Sally, she freaks out. So hungry, she marches back into WowBurger and shows them her food. She demanded another meal, but they wouldn’t give her one. Feeling bad, Sally decides to buy her meal, again. When they got back in the car with yet another sandwich, Sam is thankful for her sister Sally.

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