The Women of WEGA!


Sosina Feleke

Farzeen Syeda (11) and Kinza Mailk (11)

Although most of the engineering field is dominated by men, there is a fairly small, but good amount of women who are engineers. According to the Women’s Engineering Society, Women in the STEM field has slowly increased in the past few years, but still only 24% of women are in STEM related jobs and of that only 9% are in engineering. Some of these young ladies who have an interest in Engineering and Geoscience start early, at Westside High Schools WEGA.

WEGA is short for Westside Engineering and Geoscience Academy. At Westside there are a total of 231 students in the academy and of that  29%, or 68 of them are girls. We also have a female president representing the academy.


Well why join WEGA? I decided to ask some of the female members on why they decided to join. Euriah McQueen, one of the female members stated,”I joined WEGA because the curriculum was similar to the one that I was doing in middle school and I had a passion for engineering and geoscience”. Lili Sullivan also joined WEGA because,”i want to be a biochemical engineer and why not start early.” Being involved in WEGA myself, I can say I really enjoy the academy and the opportunities it brings, but also the chance to gain a perspective and insight into the engineering and energy fields before entering college.

More women should join the amazing field and why not start by joining an equally as amazing program where teamwork and leadership skills are emphasized. Engineering and Geoscience is not only a man’s job, and the women of WEGA are proving just that!