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Staff Picks: Black Mirror

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Upon scrolling through Netflix on a rather dull day during Winter break, I came across a show that appeared to be a futuristic, dystopian sci-fi entitled Black Mirror. The show centers primarily around technology and the ruination that spawns within society due to the of the uprising of the technology.

Described as a modern day Twilight Zone by several popular media sources,  Black Mirror encapsulates the classic horror that the Twilight Zone captured and throws in a bit of a contemporary twist. Every single eccentric episode depicts something completely different, similar to the structure of Twilight Zone, from artificial bees to civilians obsessed with status and ranking. It is guaranteed to satisfy your interest as there are various stories in each episode to choose from.

The British-based television show features several well-known American actors as well. Some including Bryce Dallas Howard of “Jurassic World”, Jon Hamm of  “Mad Men”, and Cherry Jones of “Signs”. The actors all play different characters, none of which are reoccurring except in their own episode.

Since Black Mirror is such a unique concept and is executed in such an extraordinary way, it definitely gets five stars from me. The show’s cinematography, scoring, and the innovative themes depicted in each and every episode is beyond astounding. Since Spring Break is quickly arriving and there will undoubtedly be those of us sitting at home alone stultified, Black Mirror would be a great way to pass the time as addictive as its episodes are. So, if you are one for dystopian, futuristic worlds that revolve solely around technology, give this show a try.

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Staff Picks: Black Mirror