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Zachary Fuhrer

Elizabeth George, Writer

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While searching on Vimeo I came across an intriguing short film that comments on the duality of sibling relationships: siblings experience conflict but at the end of the day you still love them. I have two siblings myself and I’m the youngest of three so this film hit particularly close to home.

As the youngest sibling you love your older siblings and just want to hang out with your older brothers and sisters. This is similar to Jake wanting to spend time with Brian. However, Brian essentially viewed Jake as a burden because he was a bit younger. As a result,  Jake had a transverse relationship with his female friends and male friends.

The central conflict takes place while Jake and Brian are playing. Brian is playing baseball while his sister, Isabela, is painting her nails with a few other girls. Jake is denied baseball and is told to hang out with Isabella. However, he is eventually caught between the two and is hit by a baseball bat in action. He is checked into the hospital.

This changes Brian’s point of view. He realizes how much he actually cares about his brother and starts to appreciate him more. This is accessorized by various other conflicts that ultimately improve the relationship between Brian and Jake.

It is unfortunate that Jake had to be hurt in an accident for Brian to appreciate him, but it is important for viewers to take away important life lessons from the film: appreciate your siblings and your family, you never know when you might lose them.

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