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Staff Pick: “The Origin of Dogs”

Dogs. E-ruff said.

The Atlantic

Elizabeth George, Writer

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More than half of the American population owns at least one dog. And can we blame ourselves? They’re loyal, adorable, and offer companionship.
I was under the impression that I was educated about dogs, and I think most of us are, considering I have an extensive experience with them as pets, strays, and fosters. I knew the basics: no chocolate, tummy rubs at request, and reward good behavior. However, I was wrong. As of lately, scientists brought up a discussion about dogs and physical affection; they found that dogs do not like hugs because it restricts their flight instinct. This was responded with backlash because we assure our pets know that we love them and mean no harm with baby talk and butt pats, so why wouldn’t they enjoy our displays of tender devotion and love?
The misconception led me to wonder: what else don’t we know about our dogs? Perhaps the solution to our ignorance is to learn about the very origin of our best friends.
Watch this video. Watch all of it. I can guarantee you, you’ll be surprised.
It is a short insight into where dogs came from. Yes, aside from the fact that they are ancestral to wolves. It discusses migration, domestication, and breeds.

I was interested because of my love of dogs and I can bet you will be too.
I’ll tell you what, if you can tell me what hemisphere most dogs originate from, you don’t have to take a look at “The Origin of Dogs”. I encourage you to leave your answers in the comments.


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Staff Pick: “The Origin of Dogs”