Senior Edition: Do you know about his crazy story?


Majd El-Fadi is a senior who is highly unique and special. Majd,  will graduate from Westside in late May as a senior at the age of 17. He is excited about this upcoming event. This was supposed to be his junior year, but he had the opportunity to enroll in  classes, some of which were offered during the summer, in order to get the maximum number of credits and graduate early. Majd is an athlete, playing varsity lacrosse for Westside, and is well rounded, taking part in a variety of extracurricular activities. Majd is a  a top-notch student athlete who is smart and willing to go above and beyond to attain his objectives.

Howler News staff writer Andrew Reaidy sat down with Majd to get his perspective on being a member of the Class of 23.

Howler News: How was your high school experience?

Majd:  My high school experience was full of ups and downs especially with starting my high school experience online due to covid. It was hard to settle in when I came back to school during my sophomore year but it became easier with time and after noticing that everyone went through covid in their own ways.

HN: Was it what you expected? If not what did you expect?

Majd:  It was not what I expected it was actually better. I thought that at a school this big you wouldn’t be able to connect with others on that scale but it surprised me because everyone knows everyone.

HN: How was virtual learning for you, was it a struggle? If so, why?

Majd: Virtual learning for me was a struggle because I was in Lebanon quarantining so the time difference affected me heavily. I would start school at 4 pm and end at 12 am.

HN: What made you want to graduate early? Are you ready for the real world?

Majd:  I wanted to graduate early because I’m ready and excited to start a new chapter of my life. I think I’m ready for the real world because I am quite mature, and I easily adapt to new environments.

HN:  What do you plan on doing after you graduate?

Majd:  I plan on going to University of Houston for my undergraduate in entrepreneurship then I will continue to do my masters in London.

HN:  How do you think the world and economy is going to be in 20 years?

Majd:  I think the world will change in 20 years for the better and the economy will be better than ever because there is a saying that lives to be true that there is a recession every 10 years and when it bounce back it only grows stronger.

HN:  By 40 where do you want to be?

Majd:  At 40 I want to be self-made, hopping off my private jet, onto my 170ft long yacht, to go to my private island, to spend my vacation with my 20 kids.