Final Exam Makeup Schedule!

For students who were unable to complete their final as a result of being absence, there are now opportunities and dates for you to make up those finals and finalize your first semester grades. Finals are a big part overall in your semester grade which is why it is crucial for one to complete them. Final exam makeups will take place during Saturday Tutorials, starting at 9 AM.

There are several opportunities for students who missed their exam. There is an opportunity on February 8, February 10, February 12, and February 15. These dates include both after school on the weekdays and also a Saturday. The last day for one to do a makeup is Saturday, February 15. Like a normal school day, students must have their IDs, wear a mask, and wear appropriate wear. Don’t let any obstacles from stopping you from completing the finals.

Make sure to keep an eye on the dates in order to not miss any final exams. Most importantly do not forget to study and to show up with confidence! Go Wolves!