Booster Shots Mean Life As Normal


Since 2019 there has been one thing we’ve all been focused on, and that is the Corona Virus. COVID 19 was spreading rapidly across the world, luckily doctors created a vaccine to slow down the number of deaths that were caused by COVID. Even with the vaccine, you are still able to contract the virus; however, you should have milder symptoms. Now that there are new variants of the virus (Delta and Omicron), doctors strongly encourage us to be fully vaccinated. This means two doses and a booster. Although there isn’t a specific booster for Delta, studies show that the booster weakens both the delta variant (0mnicon is too soon to speculate). Many people still don’t want to get it.

I believe everybody should get the booster because schools are starting to consider masks optional. Since only 60.7% of the population is vaccinated, this could  cause of the world to go back into lockdown, chances for even more deaths. I don’t want to go back to doing online school, staring at the computer all day, and not socializing with any of my friends. Even though I am fully vaccinated, I am still worried about getting COVID.  I am a basketball player and if I get COVID I wouldn’t be able to play in any games  in our season, My team would have to sit out for 14 days and this could have a negative effect on our season. I would also have to isolate myself from my entire family to make sure they didn’t get it.

I understand why  people have concerns with the vaccines. Most are concerned with the different side effects, such as pain & swelling in the injection site, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, fever, chills, and nausea. People are also worried about how long it would take the vaccine and booster to work. I agree the two-week time period is too long for the vaccine to start working, I still think people should get both, the vaccine and booster. Getting the vaccine would be a lot better than being in the hospital on a ventilator or maybe even dying. Look at it like this, if people don’t get vaccinated, what would the world look like in the future?