Student Profile: Charlotte Rose, Professional Sailing Expert

Charlotte Rose competing

Charlotte Rose competing

Minnah Zaheer, Editor

While it’s common knowledge that Westside Wolves are talented in many different and unique ways, not all students know the specifics about each other. One of the special talents displayed by our student body is sailing, which is an important pastime for junior Charlotte Rose. Charlotte has been a competitive sailor for many years now, having competed at an international level. One of her more recent accomplishments includes sailing in the US, Germany, and Canada over the summer. She also represented the USA in the international Laser Radial Youth Worlds competition in Canada. Charlotte finished 22nd overall and was third in the Under 17 category. I interviewed her to learn more about her experiences with sailing.

(The letter M indicates I’m speaking, and the letter C indicates Charlotte is speaking.)

M: What made you interested in sailing?

C: I went to a sailing camp over the summer and I’ve liked going on big boats with my family.

M: What was your favorite place to sail between the U.S., Germany, and Canada, and why?

C: I have a lot of favorite places to sail, like Germany and Long Beach, California. [Long Beach] had a nice view of the mountains, nice wind, and nice water.

M: How do you manage to balance schoolwork and sailing?

C: I have to keep up more with schoolwork, because if my grades go down my parents don’t let me sail. During the school year my practices are on the weekends. Maybe, throughout the school year, I’ll miss a couple of days for sailing. But when I can I ask my teachers for work we are doing that day, or I make it up when I get back.

M: What was it like working in the Laser Radical Youth Worlds with Olympic gold medalist Anna Tunicliff?

C: It was a really good experience, and I learned a lot from her. It got me thinking that I want to be where she was when she went to the Olympics and won the gold.

M: What are your post-high school plans, both in terms of college and in terms of competitive sailing?

C: I want to graduate high school and go to college, and some of the colleges I want to go to have sailing teams and programs I can join. I also want to get to the Olympic level of competition and try to make the Olympic Games someday.