Seniors and COVID-19

Aya Safie, Meriam Al-Awady, Writer

We may have had our last day of high school without realizing it. I can’t begin to imagine the hurt, confusion and frustration you must be grappling with right now. Working almost your entire life in school waiting for the moment where you would make your parents the most proud is something everyone looks forward to. Seniors across the globe are devastated that the school year has been cut short. Although some couldn’t wait to leave and experience a new life after high school, they never got to give those final hugs and goodbyes to fellow teachers and classmates. Seniors value their last year of high school because it’s an end to a story and this time, it’s truly not a happy one.

At Westside High School, Prom and After-Prom is officially canceled and Graduation looks like it could be up next. Senior activities is the highlight of our year and it is hard to accept that we may have to miss out on Senior Picnic, Senior Honors Night, the Senior Panoramic Picture and the Graduation March! Our month of May was sure to be filled with everlasting memories of a lifetime, days that we would never forget. Not only has the Class of 2020 faced a global pandemic, but Hurricane Harvey as well. Our summer was extended by two weeks, pushing the school schedule back and resulted in the cancellation of our first semester final exams. The streets of Houston were flooded, we experienced heavy rains and people lost their homes and lives. This time around, we face a virus that has prevented us from meeting one another, causes mild upper-respiratory illnesses and the upmost fear. Taking a toll on students, here are a few words from Class of 2020’s Valedictorian, Julia Najm, “Unfortunately, the Corona Virus, a traumatic pandemic, has cut senior year short, leaving the Class of 2020 without significant milestones such as prom and other events. It deeply saddens me that this is the case, but I know that the future holds for all of us great fortune and success. Nevertheless, during such hard times of death and disease, it is crucial to remain optimistic for the future and understand the severity of the situation, acknowledging that this is what’s best for the community to contain and prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.”

We are set to go back to school on May 4th, 2020 and only pray that things get better so that we can resume. For now, Houston Independent School District is providing food distributions, online school through Microsoft Teams and continuous support to all students. We appreciate the hard work and dedication that our teachers give us to make it through the school year. Keep on practicing social distancing, stay safe at home and keep in touch with your loved ones while we push through this tough time.

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