Good resource for local news


Houston Public Media, Media Matters homepage on April 1, 2020

Keeping up with information has never been more important. While social media brings you updates in real time, not all the notices you get bring you the facts.  Since school is 100% online until at least May 4th, all students will be on their computers for good portions of the day, its beneficial to check out a local news and information source, Houston Public Media, to see reporting

Houston Public Media is a service of the University of Houston, in partnership with PBS and NPR.  As Houstonians continue to navigate the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, looking for information that directly affects daily life has never been more important.  Simply local media must get this right.  Strong reporting by Houston Public Media provides clear and understandable updates on the daily press briefing from the city, county and state. They are also providing answers to from the local medical community, and other experts who are charged with navigating Houston through this crisis in the best way possible.

Here at the Howler News, we  recommend following the Houston Matters Podcast. Below we’ve posted a clip from March 31st edition, when Dr. Patricia Hayes, who represents Legacy Community Health, answered what is becoming commonly asked question:  If we need to go to the grocery store, should we be wearing a mask?

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